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NEW –  a novel gel matrix for native protein electrophoresis – NEW

Multiple sclerosis (MS)
A chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammatory-demyelinating
events in the central nervous system


Parkinson’s disease (PD)
A progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. 

(alpha-synuclein in cerebrospinal fluid)

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in the cerebrospinal fluid is carried out with the help of ProPhyl Air and the corresponding Sepalyte CSF by isoelectric focusing
– New –
(horizontal precast gels available, please inquire!)
First ever native protein separation of alpha-synuclein, a protein believed to be responsible for Parkinson’s disease (PD), in cerebrospinal fluid (liquor, CSF) by isoelectric focusing

More than 37 years of experience in the manufacturing of IEF carrier ampholytes, e.g. Sepalytes and GelStick PAG film, and sustained efforts to optimise IEF separation performance have led to the product we now call

ProPhyl Air Gel System

ProPhyl Air stands for : protein loving, open structured

Physical properties of ProPhyl Air

Metal screw nuts on top of gels   Left: ProPhyl Air, right: acrylamide 5%T,3%C

Swelling of the gels in water after 4 days
(casting molds are identical)
  Left: ProPhyl Air, right: acrylamide 5%T,3%C

10 days drying at room temperature
(casting molds are identical)


New – ProPhyl Air Cat. No.: 54001 Quantity: 100ml/500ml Price: please inquire
New – Sepalyte CSF Cat. No.: 42025 Quantity: 10ml/25ml Price: please inquire
ProPhyl Air improves the solubility of proteins because it carries charged groups. This not only affects entry of proteins into the gel but also prevent precipitation near the isoelectric point, which gives rise to sharper bands in general and also more bands.

Future Outlook

With the help of ProPhyl Air it is now possible to discover native proteins that were previously undetectable with the conventional acrylamide gel matrix used worldwide for 60 years. Examples of such proteins are biomarkers for cancer, Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s (AD), and EPO. ProPhyl Air also exceeds the capabilities of the IPG matrix (2D electrophoresis) in certain areas, e.g. membrane proteins, because of excellent protein solubility in the gel matrix and superior performance in the first dimension of 2D. With ProPhyl Air, many proteins previously thought to be poorly soluble may no longer need detergents such as CHAPS, triton X-100 or NP-40. The use of denaturing 8M urea, which can falsify results in many ways, could thus become a thing of the past. In some cases it is even possible to do detection without antibodies  (immunoblotting).

See EPO or CDG-transferrin analysis.

The entire 2D ProPhyl Air electrophoresis process (with ampholytes, e.g. Sepalytes), including the pouring of gels (IEF / SDS) is completed in less than 4 hours, since a rehydration time of up to 12 hours and 8 hours of electrophoresis (IEF), as required with the ready-to-use IPG strips/gels is not necessary anymore. In addition, the current IPG strips/gels manufactured by various companies are rigid and therefore restrictive, since they allow the researcher no scope for variation of the cross linking of the IEF matrix (%T,%C). The comparative advantages of the new ProPhyl Air  gel matrix are its speed and flexibility. Its use could therefore be revolutionary for those working with a wide range of proteins.

Our ProPhyl Air Gel System offers a performance that is far superior to classic acrylamide gels. Examples of proven application fields:   

multiple sclerosis (MS)

Alzheimer’s (AD)

erythropoetin (EPO)

wheat variety 


Parkinson’s (PD)



maize hybrid purity 

How do I make a horizontal IEF gel?  Check it out now! https://vimeo.com/user72932045