Synuclein (Parkinson’s research)

(Parkinson’s disease research) 

„monomeric !?“ alpha-Synuclein (isoelectric focusing with ProPhyl Air silver stain (sample: Lundbeck A/V Copenhagen)

Synuclein in Liquor
Synuclein in Cerebrospinal fluid (isoelectric focusing)
pI determination of Synuclein (sample: Lundbeck A/V Copenhagen)
Synuclein fibrils in different stages. Causally responsible for Parkinson’s disease. Probably caused by degenerative synuclein. (sample: Lundbeck A/V Copenhagen)

alpha-Synuclein (SDS electrophoresis) coomassie stain


beta-Synuclein (SDS electrophoresis) immunoblot